Richard Habersham for US  |  For Congress
Candidate NY 13th Congressional District


What we need to do is match the people who have the solutions to the problems with the people who have the wealth and power and influence to change things.
— Richard Parnell Habersham

A Vision…

you live

A comprehensive Home Ownership plan for working-class, and low-income families

Harlem to The Heights Tech corridor

Rethinking technology and entrepreneurship in Harlem, Washington Heights, and The Bronx


Policy Issues

Police and criminal justice reform

Medicare option for all

Environmental justice reform

Combat affordable housing crisis and enable home ownership for low income residents

Access to affordable education

Paid vacation time, sick time, family leave and childcare funding


Common sense gun regulation

Immigration reform

Repeal trump tax cuts and enable much easier access to small business loans

Fight for racial justice and reparations

Mandatory national military or community service

NCAA athlete: “a student for life program”