Richard Habersham for US  |  For Congress
Candidate NY 13th Congressional District
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Meet Richard


Let me introduce myself…

Yes, that’s me. And, yes, I’m running for Congress right here in District 13.
By way of introducing myself, let me say that I was born and raised right here, and I’ve never stopped loving our community.
My father owned the Harlem jazz joint, Count Basie’s. My mother was a school- teacher. My mom also had her own radio show on Harlem Community Radio. My grandparents met on 132nd Street and Lenox Avenue. My Mom and Dad grew up together in the Ft Greene Housing Project in Brooklyn, And my great grand father was a slave. So the trails blazed by my family are an inspiration.
I attended local schools, won scholarships to the University of Virginia, graduated with a bachelor’s degree, then completed a masters in real estate at Columbia University.
I enjoyed careers in journalism, teaching, real estate, and diversity consulting. But, looking back, it was featuring as a child actor in Spike Lee’s movie, Do the Right Thing that defined my life. The title burned into my brain and my heart. It shaped my dreams and set me on a journey. It is the reason I’m running for Congress.

How can we fix wealth inequality in America when we can’t fix it in one of the wealthiest cites in the world?

How can this country fix wealth inequality when they cant fix it one of the wealthiest islands in the world. Our problem is that massive wealth is created on the southern end of Manhattan but we in District 13 don’t get a fair share of it.
Our District 13 has a virtual third world economy, yet occupies the same Manhattan rock as the world’s most dynamic economy.
Over 60 billionaires live in Manhattan, but 50,000 citizens are homeless, and even more or pay hard-earned dollars to live in deplorable, poisonous lead-paint infected housing—often mere steps from multi-million dollar homes.

This city’s universities and for- profit companies solve some of the world’s most complex problems, BUT fail to fix anything in our neck of the woods. And we cannot ever fulfill our potential until some profound weaknesses are fixed.

We let ourselves and our children down unless we fight the good fight for our share of living-wage jobs, decent, affordable housing and first rate health- care. And, of course, public schools that prepare our kids for the 21st century.

In the coming months I will share a plan that will enable us to do just that.

The Habersham PEP Program:
Preserve, Embrace and Protect

Politics is the art of the possible so we can’t do everything at once. But we can do something at once. That’s why I’m a proud pragmatic progressive committed to doing the right thing for absolutely everyone in District 13. I have a vision that will work in the real streets of our real-world-community. I call it my PEP program. If I win your vote I’ll dedicate head, heart and soul to ensuring that we:

  • Preserve the spirit: That we never lose the yeasty, uplifting, go-get-it lifestyle that is the envy of the world and is reflected in every District 13 neighborhood. 

  • Embrace the renewal: Progress is great. Safe streets and schools inspire everyone. We just need to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the windfall.  

  • Protect the people: I‘ll help everyone who worries about becoming displaced by the force of mere money. I’ll help our youth get the real-world education and practical skills they need to survive in this modern era.

The first step and a promise…

My promise to you is that I will dedicate my life to doing the right thing to get the fair and decent deal we need for every living soul in District 13.
In case you hadn’t noticed, two H’s and one B live inside my Habersham name. The H’s are for Harlem and the Heights, and the B is for the Bronx. So, with every promise I make to you my name is truly on the line.
But to make good on my commitment to you, I’ll also need your vote in the Primary, which is the only vote that matters. I’ll also need you to help me get out the message.
If you’re not registered, do so now!
And, please, get your friends and family to do the same. 

Help bring new leadership to this district!


At A Glance


Democratic candidate
For Congress NY 13 district

Richard Parnell Habersham II


  • Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (Masters, 2008)

  • University of Virginia (B.A., American History, 1996)

Activities & Affiliations

  • Classical Theater of Harlem, Board Member

  • President of the Eagles New York