Richard Habersham for US  |  For Congress
Candidate NY 13th Congressional District
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Committee to Elect Richard Parnell Habersham for Congress

Richard Habersham for US | For CONGRESS 

The choice is not whether to take action.
Either we take action today to save the community, or we lose it entirely!
— Richard Parnell Habersham


Born In Harlem

A native New Yorker, Richard Parnell Habersham was born and raised in Harlem. When he was a toddler, he was a frequent guest of Mother Hale at the Hale House In Harlem. Richard attended Riverside Church Nursery School, went to Horace Mann School in the Bronx, Professional Children’s School, and attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts and Performing Arts High School, located near Lincoln Center - ultimately graduating from the Dwight School in Manhattan.



What does Richard stand for?

  • Environmental Justice Reform

  • Medicare for All

  • Easier Access to Small Business Loans

  • Repeal Trump Tax Cuts

  • Reparations

  • Immigration Reform

Richard Parnell Habersham II

Richard Parnell Habersham II



Join the Movement!

A financial contribution of any amount is meaningful. But don’t feel as if a financial contribution is all that you can give. I’ll need volunteers, activists, concerned neighbours of all ages to contribute their time and lend their voices to spreading the word about who I am and what this campaign is about. 

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